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My launch remarks

Good afternoon and thank you for coming out to Winooski. 

My name is Thomas Renner and I am excited to announce that I am running to be Vermont’s next Lieutenant Governor.

Showing up and working on behalf of Vermonters has been the driving force in every decision I make. From my career choices to where I volunteer, I have a deep understanding that when we show up for our neighbors, we all win. 


Throughout my career, I've been committed to serving the people of Vermont. It all began with my first role after graduating from the University of Vermont, working alongside Senator Patrick Leahy. From there, I delved into our state's healthcare system, and most recently, I've had the honor of serving in Becca Balint’s Congressional office.

In 2021 I stepped up and ran to become one of Winooski’s youngest City Councilors. In 2023 I earned the honor of being appointed as Deputy Mayor. Throughout my tenure, I've had the privilege of engaging with Vermonters from all walks of life. I've listened to stories of resilience and unwavering determination. From the entrepreneurial spirit of small business owners striving to bolster their communities to the unwavering strength of families navigating the child care crisis. These stories and connections have deepened my call to service and brought me to this podium today. 

Vermont is at a crossroads. Both long standing residents and newcomers alike grapple with the same daunting reality: moving here and staying here has become too difficult for too many people. But I know that together as Vermonters we can create an economy that works for all and fosters the opportunities for growth that we need. I am ready to be the voice for those Vermonters and for the progress we need to make. 


As a state, we face an affordability crisis, a housing emergency, and each day we feel the impacts of climate change. As Deputy Mayor, I have worked tirelessly on passing balanced budgets. By listening to my neighbors and championing their voices I was able to ensure we passed a budget that not only my neighbors could afford, but also that supported the services they deserve. 


No matter the issue, I have been dedicated to one thing: helping Vermonters overcome the challenges we face. Through all of my experiences, personal and professional, I know what it means to fight for progress and outcomes that will HELP Vermonters. I hope to bring NEW leadership to Vermont, the State House, and the Lieutenant Governor’s Office. 


Thank you, and God bless Vermont 

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