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I love Vermont.

I'm excited to be running for Lieutenant Governor of Vermont. My journey to this candidacy has been marked by a deep commitment to public service and a passion for fostering inclusive and vibrant communities.

Growing up, I spent all of my vacations in Vermont. Each and everytime I visited, I knew when the time came, I would make it my permanent  home. When I graduated high school I made that a reality and moved to Vermont to attend the University of Vermont. I have a deep pride in calling Vermont home and I couldn't think of anywhere else to live . 

My commitment to community service is a driving force in my life. I started serving Vermonters early in my career by working for Senator Patrick Leahy. Later in life I began my personal public service on Winooski’s Safe, Healthy, and Connected People Commission. Following that experience, and encouraged by former Rep. Hal Colston, I ran for City Council and was elected. I am currently in my second term and also serving as Deputy Mayor. As a city councilor I have been focused on affordability, housing, community safety, and equity - making progress in each of those areas. I also bring with me a strong belief that Vermont's diversity is one of its greatest strengths, and I am committed to fostering an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and heard.

Increasing BIPOC representation in government and creating opportunities for all residents to engage with and influence our state's future are central to my vision.

As Lieutenant Governor, I will work earnestly and collaboratively with Vermonters, legislators, and the Governor to address our shared challenges: an affordability crisis, a housing emergency, and the growing impacts of climate change. 

Living in Vermont has taught me the importance of community, resilience, and mutual support. I cherish our way of life and the strong connections I've built with my neighbors. Over the course of this campaign, I hope to earn the support of Vermonters across the state, and in that spirit, I hope you reach out with any questions, issues, or concerns. Thank you, and I look forward to serving Vermont as your next Lieutenant Governor.

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