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Our Platform.

Over the past 17 years, I've committed myself to serving our community, focusing on sustainability, affordability, and equity. As your Lieutenant Governor, I aim to bring these values to the forefront, ensuring a brighter future for all Vermonters.


Vermont's natural beauty is a treasure we must protect. Here's my plan to ensure a sustainable future:

  • Promote Renewable Energy: During my time on the Winooski City Council, I supported local solar energy projects and worked on initiatives to reduce our city's carbon footprint. As Lieutenant Governor, I will advocate for the expansion of wind, solar, and hydroelectric power across the state, creating green jobs and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels​ (Vtpoc)​​ (VTDigger)​.

  • Support Sustainable Agriculture: I’ve worked hard to understand the broken supply chain systems that impact farmers at all levels and I understand the need for more locally grown and consumed food. I will continue to advocate for policies that support our farmers in adopting these practices, ensuring food security and environmental health.

  • Enhance Public Transportation: In Winooski, I have pushed for improved public transit options. Statewide, I will advocate for public transit to reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality, and make it easier for Vermonters to get where they need to go.

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Making Vermont more affordable for all is a top priority:

  • Expand Access to Healthcare: At UVM Medical Center, where I worked as an operations support specialist, I've seen firsthand the challenges Vermonters face in accessing healthcare. I support universal healthcare initiatives to ensure all Vermonters have access to affordable, quality healthcare​ (VTDigger)​.

  • Support Small Businesses: I have worked to support small businesses in Winooski, especially those owned by BIPOC and LGBTQ+ individuals. I will advocate for policies that provide financial support and resources to small businesses statewide.

  • Reduce Tax Burden: I will explore ways to reduce the tax burden on middle and lower-income families while ensuring that the wealthiest pay their fair share.

Housing affordability is a pressing issue in our state. Here’s how I plan to address it:

  • Increase Affordable Housing: On the Winooski City Council, I have been a strong advocate for affordable housing projects. As Lieutenant Governor, I will champion policies that incentivize the construction of affordable housing units and protect existing affordable housing from being converted into luxury properties​ (VTDigger)​.

  • Increase Workforce and senior housing: We are not only lacking in traditional affordable housing, but also housing for the workforce we need and for our seniors to transition to. As Lieutenant Governor I will advocate for policies that create housing for the missing middle and dignified housing options for our seniors. 

  • Support Rent Control: I will advocate for common sense rent control measures to prevent excessive rent increases and protect tenants from displacement.

  • Address Homelessness: My work with local shelters has shown me the importance of comprehensive support for the homeless. I will expand programs that provide housing and support services to homeless individuals and families.

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Social justice and equity are at the heart of my campaign:

  • Racial Equity: As a Black, gay man and a member of the Vermont Professionals of Color Network, I have dedicated myself to fighting systemic racism. I will advocate for statewide racial equity policies to ensure equal opportunities for all​ (Vtpoc)​​ (LGBTQ+ Victory Fund)​.

  • LGBTQ+ Rights: I am proud to be one of the first openly gay members of the Winooski City Council. I will advocate for comprehensive protections for LGBTQ+ individuals in all areas of life, including healthcare, employment, and housing​ (Boston Spirit Magazine)​.

  • Educational Equity: I have worked to address disparities in educational resources in Winooski. As Lieutenant Governor, I will promote policies that ensure every child in Vermont has access to high-quality education.

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Our strength lies in our diversity and community spirit. Here's how we can build a better Vermont together:

  • Community Engagement: I believe in the power of community involvement. I will ensure that all voices, especially those from marginalized communities, are heard and included in policymaking.

  • Transparency and Accountability: Transparency has been a cornerstone of my work in Winooski. I will foster a transparent government that is accountable to the people of Vermont.

  • Innovative Solutions: I have always encouraged innovative approaches to solving problems. As Lieutenant Governor, I will continue to draw on the strengths and ideas of all Vermonters to address our most pressing issues.

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